Social Security


Udyogini understands that while engaging women in entrepreneurial activity it is important to provide social security support comprising of health and education. The interventions comprise of

  1. Crèche for children in the age group of 0-6 years where they are provided playway education, nutrition security and immunization support.
  2. Functional literacy for adult women and improving their skills in reading, writing, maintaining WEG records and doing basic calculations.

The outcomes of social security program include

  1. Increase in self-esteem, dignity and awareness of the women helping her to negotiate better in her family and public space
  2. Utilisation of increased income from enterprises to access better education and health services
  3. Drop-out rate of girls in schools reduced
  4. Better learning outcomes of children in primary school

Presently Udyogini is supporting 206 crèches covering 5202 children and 49 functional literacy centres reaching to 1300 women as part of its social security interventions in Jharkhand.

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