Integration of CFT- Misereor Deliverable

Details of Activity:

At Udyogini we promote strategic convergence internally as well where two separate programmes and their deliverables are integrated is such a way so that the producer can get maximum benefit.

The recent such case has been witnessed at Jharkhand where Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) and Misereor supported Food and nutrition security program has been linked together. It is mention-able that CFT is a convergence program of MGNREGA and NRLM which talks about creation of social assets such as irrigation systems, water harvesting structure, land reforms, plantation and creation of livelihood options. On the other hand Misereor supported food and nutrition security program envisage promotion of agricultural activities and diversification of livelihood options to ensure food and nutrition security and income enhancement to the producers.

Under this integrated model 50 pilot producers have been identified at Namkom block of Ranchi district. All these producers have already been benefitted through CFT in terms of land leveling, water harvest structure such as dobha and well. As a part of integration, seed support and scientific cultivation practices have been disseminated by Misereor program.

Currently the producers are harvesting bottle guard, cucumber, bitter guard and long yard beans for their own consumption and selling the surplus at local haat.

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