Outreach (Current data (2016-17)
No. of States 5
No. of Districts 20
No. of Blocks 47
No. of Villages 1698
No. of Women Producers 53762
No. of children in creches 5432
No. of VLSCs 149
No. of Entrepreneurs 7047
No. of WEGs 1482
No. of BDSPs 259

Registered Grassroots Institutions

  1. 30 Cooperatives & Producer companies


  1. Around 10,000 NGO and Govt. Staff
  2. 2 lakh producers supported by these NGO staff
  3. Trained around 1,000 rural youth and 500+ have been incubated

Value Chain & Market Linkages

  1. 50,000 women producers in 7 states have directly improved income and livelihood
  2. Nearly 4500 of these women are service providers or entrepreneurs in these chains, and managing independently

Case Studies



Parmeshwari Devi, a middle aged woman,a resident of Badkolma village in Bundu block of Ranchi district, and a mother of two ..

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Agriculture & Allied Services

Varju Bai lives in (Limbavali) Bovas village of Udaipur District. Her family earning came out of food grains and vegetable.

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Self Employment

Taron Dodrai is a VLSC entrepreneur of Rungru Toli village, Zariya panchayat, Torpa block, Khunti. With three siblings ..

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