Through our findings (different impact studies, reviews and evaluations), we can say that Udyogini’s role has had significant impact in improving the production and marketing of different products value chains in different states, it has also brought about a change in gender roles, although sustained efforts are needed in this front. We can say that Udyogini has been effective in offering the business development services, capacity building support for the women to have gained substantial technical and management knowledge to manage their farm and non-farm based livelihoods and micro enterprises.

Not only has there been a pivot change in the attitudes of men towards the roles of women in our targeted villages, these women farmers have gained significant personal confidence and ability to learn new farming improved practices. With incremental significant change in incomes, food security and nutrition has improved for these women and their families.

The apparent improvement in agriculture due to Udyogini’s intervention shows the potential for such similar intervention to be replicated in other similar areas.

Some specific outcome level change

·         91.3% say income is their main reason for cultivating lac*.
·         Of the 30% of women who experienced violence in their home, 50% saw domestic violence decrease because of Udyogini’s involvement.
·         80% of women report they have had an increase in self-respect due to Lac cultivation.
·         90% of the sampled women understand PSCL* techniques.
·         Lac production generated by Udyogini’s involvement has increased women’s income. On average, for every Rs 100 of income in the control group, Rs 173 was made by the treatment group.
·         Most frequently, the sampled women spent their Lac income on their children’s education.
·         Interviews with the women made it clear that their ability to communicate with outsiders and to express their point of view in avenues like agriculture has been a remarkable progress.
·         The project helped women affected by the disaster in Uttrakhand in picking up their lives and significantly increasing their skills, income and savings at a significant scale. The average increase in income has been about Rs. 1980 in a period of 13 months, while individual cases where women earned as much as Rs. 2,40,000 in the period have also been recorded. Almost all women surveyed reported that they felt much more confident in running enterprises after participating in the project.
·         All of the Creche case studies indicate that Creches allow women to engage in work more easily. The focus group discussion with 8 teachers showed that the teachers have been successful increasing awareness among children’s parents about health issues. A survey of (sample 100 women) and control group (20 women) demonstrated these key findings. The number one reason that women send their children to Palna Ghar is because of education. The second reason is nutrition.
·         80% of the sampled women indicated an increase in self-confidence due to Women Literacy Center.
·         All of the learners (women literacy center)  send their children to school.
·         85% of the learners have learned to read and write letters, words and sentences after attending women literacy classes. However, only 30% learned to calculate and read books and only 15% learned to tell time and interpret calendars.
·         85% of the sampled women receive support from their family to attend Women Literacy Center.

*Lac is a non-timber forest produced and natural resin.
*PSCL- Package on Scientific Cultivation of Lac

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