The Executive Committee consists of leading women professionals. They are:

Ranu Bhogal: Ranu has a degree in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand and has extensive field experience in rural development working with NGOs such as Pradan, where she spent nine years. She was a recipient of a Hubert Humphrey Fellowship at Rutgers University, USA. She is presently with Aga Khan Foundation India as a Director Programmes, New Delhi. Her area of interest is rural livelihoods.Ranu is a member of the Government of India's 12th Plan Working Group on the National Rural Livelihoods Mission.

Kanchan Mathur (Chair): Kanchan has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Rajasthan and is Professor of Gender Studies at Institute for Development Studies, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her areas of interest in research and action are gender and empowerment, particularly in Rajasthan. She is an established authority on violence against women and has written extensively on the subject.Kanchan is a member of the Government of India's 12th Plan Working Group on Women's Empowerment.

Kajri Misra: Kajri has a PhD in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University, USA and she is faculty member in rural management at the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubhaneshwar. Her areas of interest in research and action are: Governance and Decentralization, Institutional Design for Participatory Planning and Management and Gender and Development.

Sumita Ghose: Sumita Ghose is the founder and managing director of Rangsutra, an artisan-owned social enterprise. Prior to setting up Rangsutra, Sumita lived and worked in different parts of rural India for many years- mostly in Western Rajasthan with the URMUL Trust, working with rural communities for social change and economic development. Sumita has a Masters Degree in Economics from Mumbai University. She was a Fulbright scholar in the US, where she completed a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. Sumita has also been a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship for Leadership and is among the first batch of the CII - Aspen India Fellows.Sumita was named Senior Fellow of the Synergos Institute, USA, in 2012.

Vanita Viswanath (Secretary and CEO): Vanita has a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. She has been a staff member of the World Bank in Washington and consulted with international organizations in India and the United States. She has publications on an array of development subjects including political development, gender, micro enterprise, pro-poor market development and corporate-NGO partnerships. She is CEO of Udyogini since March 2000. She is a founding-Trustee of Aajeevika Bureau, Udaipur and is on the board of directors of the Rajasthan Shram Sarathi Association, a non-profit financial services company. Vanita was named Senior Fellow of the Synergos Institute, USA in 2011.Vanita is a member of the Government of India's 12th Plan Working Group on Clustering and Aggregation. 

Udyogini has a distinguished Chair Emeritus, Bimla N. Bissell. Bimla Bissell is founder member and former Chair of Udyogini. She was with the World Bank for over two decades handling external relations and media in their New Delhi office. She is associated with a number of educational and craft-related initiatives in India. She is on the board of the All-India Artisans and Craft Workers Association.