Demonstration Creeper Model- Sack Farming

Details of Activity: Demonstration of two models was done with producers at Olmunda, Gumla.

  • Creeper Model: This model is a low cost model, which is made of old saree which can be easily found in rural household except cotton saree any saree can be used for constructing this model. This model is basically used for creeper plants. It is made up of two poles of wood, ropes made up of saree, and plastic threads. The threads were tied to both the poles of wood so that the plant gets support for climbing. A strong structure is being constructed with the help of saree to support light weight creeper plants.The vegetables that are used for this model was bitter gourd, beans, brinjal and cucumber. The emerging creepers spread over the structure wherein the chances of plant management becomes easy and also affects the productivity.
  • Sack Farming: This model is being adopted by producers having limited space and limited irrigation facility available. A plastic sack usually cement bag is used and filled with soil, and bamboo stick is placed in the middle of bag. The bamboo sticks are partially cracked up. The seed is sown outside the bamboo stick. For watering the plants, water is poured through bamboo stick, the plastic sack has water holding capacity, due to which water requirement for plant reduces.

Name of Photographer: Aniket Jayaswal