Indi Bai: reaping benefits from indigenous vegetables

Indi Bai: reaping benefits from indigenous vegetables

Indi Bai, Katni, Madhya Pradesh

Indi Bai was helpless and disheartened till the time she saw a ray of hope coming from the program organised by Udyogini in partnership with ACC. She is Indi Bai, a 40 year old woman from MP, whose life got completely transformed after Udyogini’s intervention. Indi Bai used to help her husband in the agriculture work but the production from their own field was never enough. One day she was introduced to the concept of Self Help Group by Udyogini staff where she found various opportunities through which she could excel and can engage in enterprise activity.

Soon she started her own business and in January 2014 and bought a Wheat Grinding Machine with the loan of Rs. 10,000 sanctioned through the credit linkage with ICICI bank. She also participated in the training programs organised by Udyogini like SET (Skill Enterprise Training) for vegetable cultivation, Incense sticks making and Enterprise training through I-USE.

Benefiting from the training, she learned various scientific and technical skills required for cultivation of different vegetables like Potato, Tomato and Chilli. Today the yield and productivity from her field is not only sufficient for their personal use but also for selling them in the market. She now earns at least Rs. 4000 per month from both activities i.e, vegetable cultivation and Wheat Grinding machine. In her words, “I am very thankful to both the ACC and Udyogini for all their support and services.

It is all because of their help and kind support that today I am standing here as a confident woman. Without their continuous support this transformation would not have been possible for my family and me. I am looking forward to impart more training and see myself and my family in a different level of achievement”.

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