Saraswati Agarwal: Knitting as a livelihood

Saraswati Agarwal: Knitting as a livelihood

Saraswati Agarwal, Gairsain block, Chamoli district

Mrs. Saraswati Agarwal of the village Kothar in Gairsain block was provided training by Shri Bhuvaneswari Mahila Ashram (SBMA) for a month in December and immediately after training, she got a hand-knitting machine and has been knitting since January. The Himalyan tsunami of Uttarakhand destroyed her land and led to damaging of her house.

Saraswati devi’s husband is in a private job and earns around Rs.6000-7000 per month. Through her enterprise, Saraswati has started earning close to Rs.4000-5000 per month. She expresses that now she is so keen on knitting that whenever she gets time she starts to knit, even if it is only for 10-15 minutes at a time. She has also reduced her dependence on wages through MGNREGA.

She has raised the scale of production to a level where she now has to outsource parts of the job to other women. She gives the job of making the neck portion of full sweaters and neck and arms portions of half sweaters to two other women and pays them Rs.20 each. Thus by improving efficiency , she has increased her production significantly and is able to knit 20-25 sweaters in month.

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